Kitchen Diary 24th May 2020

Well here we are finishing up what for us is week 11 of lock-down due to the Covid 19 virus. Restrictions have begun to be lifted and we’re expecting my husband to return to work on 1st June. We can now go out for exercise as much as we like but play areas are still closed. Here in the KatesKitchenTable household, we have just broken up for our half-term holiday and the children and I are looking forward to a week without the structure of our academic endeavors.

My Week In The Kitchen:

We’ve been eating a lot of comfort food, unfortunately lock-down and good weather has me longing for things like pizza or spaghetti and meatballs, but home-made and served with a big salad and a glass of wine, it’s making home a pretty good place to be right now. We had two types of muffins this week, carrot with a cream cheese frosting and plain with white icing and sweeties on top.

My Week Home-Educating:

Being stuck at home for the most part, apart from our daily hour-long walks, we have focused heavily on our academic subjects, so as to get ahead for the summer when hopefully our freedom will be restored and we can have more time for exploring. Both Rowan and Lara have worked really hard this last half-term, Rowan has been working extra hard on her Maths and she’s now learned all her multiplication tables up to 7. This week she’s also been working on the correct usage of the greater than and less than symbols.

Lara has particularly enjoyed her science this week. She’s been learning about the functions of the eye. Hollie has been preparing to sit her mock exams in English, Maths, Chemistry, and History when we return after half-term.

Cocktail Of The Week

Passion-fruit Martini


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