Kate’s Kitchen Diary 17th-23rd February 2020

A very brief kitchen diary this week as we’re currently battling tonsillitis again here. Last week was half-term for us so we spent it having fun with friends and resting for the most part.

My week in the kitchen

Muesli Cookies

It’s been a very uneventful week in the kitchen and not much time for cooking. I made these Muesli Cookies which are really simple to make and very tasty. We also had these Black Forest Ice-Cream Sundaes for dessert on Friday – layers of cherry pie filling, vanilla and chocolate ice-cream, and chocolate brownie all topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles – extremely decadent but soooooo good!

Black Forest Ice-Cream Sundaes

My week home-educating

As it was half-term and half of us were ill by the end of the week we’ve enjoyed a few pyjama days and lots of time watching movies and reading.

Evangeline enjoying a good book on her PJ day!

Lara got her new glasses, isn’t she a cutie?!

Cocktail of the week

Tequila Sunrise

An oldie but a goodie, this week we had Tequila Sunrises. Super simple and very tasty: simply mix a shot of tequila with orange juice and pour over ice, carefully pour grenadine into the side so that it settles to the bottom and garnish with cherries and an orange slice (we’d run out of oranges at this point so were a bit short on the garnish).

Until next time, have a great week.



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