Our Summer – 2019


Summer may seem like a distant memory now but I promised to update you all on how the bucket list went. So here are a few things we got upto this summer.

We worked hard in the garden
Grew some lovely flowers
Grew loads of veggies including these cabbages
Enjoyed the sunshine
Had picnics in the park and celebrated a 21st and a 5th birthday
Picked Strawberries and gooseberries
Made Strawberry Ice-Cream
And Jam
And Gooseberry Fools
And More Jam
And Citronella Beeswax Candles
We visited stately homes
And had fun at the fair
Sewed cotton night-dresses
And posed like little angels in-front of the marigolds.
We ate lunch on the patio
Picked Black-currants for cordial and jam
Made daisy chains
Harvested tons of fruits and veggies, including these french beans
and these peas.
We went on adventures
Investigated bugs (crickets in this case)
Walked along the canal
Picked Blackberries
and enjoyed the views
Harvested more fruits and veggies, including these, now fully grown, cabbages.
Went on romantic picnics
Ate Peach Crisp
Celebrated a second birthday
Went to a scare-crow festival
Had fun with friends
and at the park
Celebrated a 19th birthday
Grew Sunflowers
Looked after the chickens
and harvested raspberries for … you guessed it … yet more jam.
And last but not least, we read books, some-times in quiet corners alone, some-times in sunny gardens surrounded by bees and flowers
and some-times all together, amidst the noise and the messes of the everyday.

How was your Summer?


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